Shhhhhh.  We know it's 2021......but let's pretend it's 1995, just for tonight.

Seinfeld, Furbies, Pulp Fiction, Oasis vs. Blur, Nirvana and Milli Vanilli haha. Ok forget about Milli Vanilli. But there was also Twin Peaks and X Files.  The important thing as that we don't know ANYTHING about Coronavirus, lockdowns, raging forest fires, killer hornets, and we've got plenty of toilet paper. 

And this adorable bootie. It's also sexy on a graceful stiletto heel, but we add something revolutionary to keep it from killing your feet; the Golo FootSpa comfort system, with plush footbed padding and a gel arch support.

So even if you're in the middle of a 14 day self-isolation, put these on and dress up, dance the night away to your favorite Madonna record. It may be Tuesday, but it feels like Saturday.

Size 8.5
Color Brandy
Material Suede

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