Summer to Fall: Women's 2020 Shoe Trends

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Summer to Fall Trends in 2020  

Summer is coming to a close and fall trends are right around the corner. With the perfect blend of style and comfort, Golo Shoes has the latest women’s 2020 shoe trends to get you ready to transition from summer to fall. If you love fall trends as much as we do, keep scrolling to find out what we aradmiring for this upcoming season. 


The Ionic Animal Print  

You can't go wrong with some animal print, right? Animal print has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades. This year, we are really into snakeskin and leopard print. Are you ready to get into our favorite women’s 2020 shoe trends in animal print? We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite animal prints below.  

The Landon block heel in snakeskin is a shoe that balances comfort while being effortlessly chic. Another popular snakeskin shoe is the Dexy boot in a trendy natural matte snakeskin print. Our Alexie shootie also comes in natural matte snakeskin, and with its open-toed design, it’s ideal for summer-to-fall weather.  

Let's talk leopard print! The Bahah 3-buckle sandal in leopard print is a great transitional shoe as the warm weather starts to get a little cooler for fall. With the zipper placed in the back of the sandal and its rubber flexi sole, there is no compromise in style or support 

Shootie Season   

Women's 2020 shoe trends aren't complete without a few pairs of shooties. (Aka, ankle booties.) Though we've already covered the Dexy & Alexie shootie, they also come in a variety of color options beyond the stylish snakeskin print. The Nilo shootie sandal is another look we are obsessed with this season. This shoe's casual soft tumble-grain calf pairs perfectly with a dressier look or something more casual. The Nilo shootie sandal comes in a classic black and a soft white tapioca shade 

The Platform is Back  

That's right, the platform sandal is back and better than ever! We've got a few favorites from our collection that can make any summer-to-fall outfit a statement look. The first look is the Babita platform sandal, complete with multi-banded straps bedazzled with studs and grommets, coming in both black and tapioca.   

Lastly, the Baird flatform sandal is another fan-favorite with a black platform bottom for a retro 70s vibe. This stretchy elastic flatform sandal is extremely plush and comes in two great color combinations. 

Fall Fashion Favorites  

We hope you feel inspired to create some unforgettable looks with our women’s 2020 shoe trends blog for summer and fall this year. Whether you are sporting a classic sandal or stylish shootie, there are endless possibilities at Golo Shoes to take your fall fashion to the next level. Happy shopping!  

Summer to Fall: Women's 2020 Shoe Trends