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An American company, known for our ingenuity, innovation, and great style - the Golo brand has been around since 1915. Known for experimenting with materials not traditionally used in footwear - such as cork, stretch fabrics, lucite, vinyl, and Gore-Tex - Golo makes a product that's equal parts beauty and braun.
The Golo DNA is about individuality. Our collections boast stylish, edgy, trend-driven styles that customers gravitate to season after season. The thoughtful details and special touches make each shoe truly distinct, unique, covetable, effortless, and versatile.
It was arguably Golo who invented the iconic Go-Go Boot in the early '60's. Barbra Streisand was featured in August, 1965 in a multi-page fashion spread wearing the Golo Go-Go boots in white patent. Over the years, there have been many iterations but our white boots remain best-sellers. These are shoes for a complete lifestyle. From Rocker to Boho, Trendy to Timeless, Golo Shoes has something for everyone.
Our Commitment to Sustainability
We care about the environment and our planet. We all have a role to play in making better choices in terms of utilizing resources wherever and whenever we can. The leathers we use are made from a lead-free tanning process, lasts are made of recycled plastics, and other design elements are 100% recyclable.  By using materials and components that are carefully researched to minimize our environmental impact, we strive to create the best in sustainably-made fashion shoes.
Responsible Manufacturing 
All shoes are hand-crafted in sustainable, small, family-run factories in Italy and Brazil. Our factories are 100% compliant and ethical, pay fair wages, and provide safe working conditions. Our long-term relationships with these factories allow us to control our output ensuring small production runs for each season.